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Live Oak African Methodist Episcopal Church

P.O. Box 356, 402 Baldwin Street • Donalsonville, GA 39845 • United States • 229 524-2395 or 229 524-8402 • AMENZ

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The Historical Preamble The African Methodist Episcopal Church, whose founders affirmed their humanity in the face of slavery and racism, stands in defense of disadvantaged and oppressed people in the 21st century. From the origins in the Free African Society through the involvement of the AME clergy and lay in the Civil War of the 1860's and the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's, the AMEC has preached salvation from sin and deliverance from bondage. The mission expanded to others within the African Diasporas in the Americas, Africa, Caribbean, and Europe. Whether in schools, seminaries, hospitals or social service centers, the AME Church has lived the gospel outside its sanctuaries. This mandate sill informs its ministry, vision and mission in the Church's third century of existence.
1. The Mission The Mission of the AME Church is to minister to the social, spiritual, and physical development of all people.
2. The Vision At every level of the Connection and in every local church, the AME Church shall engage in carrying out the spirit of the original Free African Society, out of which the AME Church evolved: that is, to seek out and save the lost, and to serve the needy. It is also the duty of the Church to continue to encourage all members to become involved in all aspects of church training.
3. The Purposes The ultimate purposes are: (1) make available God's biblical principles, (2) spread Christ's liberating gospel, and (3) provide continuing programs which will enhance the entire social development of all people.
4. The Objectives In order to meet the needs at every level of the Connection and in every local church, the AME Church shall implement strategies to train all members in: (1) Christian discipleship, (2) Christian leadership, (3) current teaching methods and materials, (4) the history and significance of the AME Church, (5) God's biblical principles, and (6) social development to which all should be applied to daily living.

Greeting, Sermons, and Announcements,

           Greetings! May is here, and summer is approaching! Our hearts are overjoyed with “enthusiasm” as we celebrate many joyful occasions! The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. The tradition calls for the wearing of carnations—a red carnation is worn if one's mother is alive, and a white carnation is worn if one's mother is deceased. The prayers, love, sacrifices, support, nurturing hands, and investments of our mothers have kept us and brought us a long way! So, we say, thank you, and we celebrate you with esteem gratitude—Happy Mother’s Day!

          We recognize the “Class of 2015!” Many of our relatives and friends will experience the joy of completing college, high school, or kindergarten! They will embark upon new eras of their lives. We are proud of them! CONGRATULATIONS!

          Prayerfully, May 30, 2015, we will celebrate 15 years of working together. I am thankful and grateful to serve as pastor of Live Oak African Methodist Episcopal Church. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support! You are truly a blessing in my life.

          We are living in very challenging times. Therefore, it is important for us to remember that our help comes from God who created the heaven and earth. The ultimate sacrifice was made for us, Jesus died on the cross and rose on the third day. Today, we are Living A Life Of Victory. Overlook complaining folks, have a passion for survival, and post your enemy a message. The way we post our enemy a message is to love in spite of meanness, hatred, and criticism. We are children of the Most High God, we are to live free of bitterness, confusion, and depression. Our relationship with Jesus Christ must extend beyond the church walls. We must view life through the lens Richard Allen, William Paul Quinn, David A. Payne, Henry M. Turner, Mary McLeod Bethune, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Shirley Chisholm, Harriet Tubman, other Black American Achievers—and those in our family, too. Many people think following God is supposed to make life easier or more comfortable. They are looking for a God of convenience—an easy way out. The truth of the matter is… it takes prayer, unconditional love, hard work, dedication, and commitment to live by God’s standards. In words of John Wesley’s, founder of Methodism, “encouragement to his people to go on to perfection and to expect to be made perfect in love in this life’ aroused lively fears that this would foster more of the self-righteous perfectionism already made objectionable by earlier “pietists”— Perfection is an on-going process. We are still under construction. The only time we should look down on fallen brothers and sisters is when we are giving them helping hands up. Whatever the enemy is up to, it won’t work. Yes, we are faced with disagreements, disbelief, financial crunches, sickness, hardship, disappointments, and death, but, one day, this too will pass. We must remain faithful until the end, and God will give us a crown of life! Again, thank you for all you have done the past 15 years! Your kindness and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. Let’s work as if there is no tomorrow, and give God ALL THE GLORY for the increase.

Compassionately pursuing God’s work,

Millie Rambeau



1st Sunday
8:00 a.m. Service: Bishop J.L. Nance, Sr.

9:45: Nursing Home Ministry

10:45 a.m. Service: Reverend Millie S. Rambeau

2nd Sunday
8:00 a.m. Service: Reverend Edward Williams, Colquitt, GA

9:15 Service:  Mother's Day Program

Guest Speaker: Sister Marva Smith-Mincey, Southern District, Area Director  Young People's and Children's Division of the Women's Missionary Society  
10:30 Sunday School

3rd Sunday
8:00 Service: Reverend TaMorris Baulkman, Bainbridge, GA

9:15 Service:  Reverend Emily Buggs       

10:30 Sunday School

4th Sunday
8:00 a.m. Service: Reverend Rheunnette Haire

9:15 a.m. Service:  Reverend Hewlett Powell
10:30 Sunday School

5th Sunday
8:00 a.m. Service: Reverend Millie S. Rambeau

9:30 a.m. Sunday School

12:00 noon--until  Home Communion


Seminole Manor Nursing Home Morning Worship, Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 9:45 a.m., Sister Geraldine Cochran, Worship Leader, Sister Deloris Reynolds, Inspirational Words

Bible Study    Wednesday   6th  and 13th, Live Oak         7:00 p.m.

Southern District Sunday School Congress is Friday, May 8- Saturday, May 9, 2015. Saint Stephen AME Church, Georgetown, Georgia, Reverend Sonjia Rivers, Pastor

2015 Gradutates Parents’ Appreciation Program held at Live Oak AME, Saturday, May 9th, 4:00 p.m.

Seminole County Jail Ministry, Monday, May 11th & Thursday, May 14th, 6:30 p.m.

Quarterly Conference, Work Session for Stewards, Tuesday, May 12, 2015, 6:00 p.m.

MEETINGS: Thursday, May 19, 2015, Trustees 6:00 p.m.  &  Stewards, 7:00 p.m.

The Sixth Episcopal District Post Conference & Theological Institute Wednesday, May 20, 2015 – Friday, May 22, 2015, Columbus, GA

Joint Bible Study, Wednesday, May 27th, at Macedonia MB Church

Pastor’s Appreciation Program, May 30, 2015, Celebrating 15 years   6:00 p.m.

Special Report Date, Thursday, June 4th, 6:00 p.m.

Senior Choir Rehearsal, Thursday, June 4th, 6:30 p.m.

2015 Vacation Bible School, June 8-12, 9:00 am – 12:00 (noon)

June 20, 2015, SED Lay Meeting, 10:00 am (Georgia Conference) Place TBA

June 27, 2015, Southwest GA Conference Lay Quarterly Meeting, 10:00 am  (Eastern District) TBA

Rossie “Bobbie” Scott, Willie Hopkins, Mary Hill, Mattie Moore, Larry Reynolds, Gladys “Sallie” Moore, Arverna Porter, Arletha Gonzalez, Doris Barber, Shelia Smith, Willie B. Smith, Sr., Jeffery Williams, Debra Brannon,  Robert Leonard, Sr., and Ronald Moore

Pastors and Ministers
Pastor Alvin Leonard
Rev. Mary I. Groomes
Rev. Calvin Wesley Reynolds
Rev. Rheunnette Haire
Rev. Joan C. Lee, Valdosta, GA
Rev. Emily Buggs

Ms. Maryln Taylor, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Lillie Copeland, Financial Secretary
Ms. Deloris Reynolds, Superintendent of Church School
Mrs. Goldie Virgin, Emeritus
Miss Anna Wynn, Lay President
Ms. Marian D. Walker, Pro Tem Trustee Board & Asst. Superintendent
Ms. Jacquelyn Chrispen, President of Stewardess Board
Ms. Delores Harvey, Missionary President
Mrs. Patrina Smith Clark, Y.P.D. Director

Mrs. Tameka Geter, Reverend Emily Buggs, Ms. Elaine Hall, Ms. LaVonjia Peavy, Brother Carlos Ford, and Mrs. Marian D.Walker, Young People Advisors
Mrs. Angelia S. Reynolds, Christian Education Director
Bobby Brannon, Son of Allen Chairperson Miss Maureen Smith, Senior Usher Board President
Mrs. Lillie Copeland, Usher Board No. Three President
Miss Debra Brannon, Sunday School Secretary, Titus Barber Asst. Sunday School Secretary
Brother Keith Smith, Adult Sunday School Teacher
Reverend Calvin W. Reynolds, Assistant Adult Teacher

Mrs. Angelia Reynolds, Intermediate Teacher
Reverend Emily Buggs, Primary Teacher
Ms. Geraldine Cochran, Custodial Care
Mrs. Marian D. Walker, Senior Choir President

Ministers of Music
Brother Winfred Lobe
Brother Anthony Pearman
Miss Jacquelyn Henderson
Timothy Brown
Nino Brown
Lemanuel Jones
Daniel Womack, Guitarist

Class Leaders
1-Regina Chrispen, 2-Bobby Brannon, 3-Eddie Bennett, 4-Mary Hill, 5-Deloris Reynolds, 6-Maureen Smith, 7-Fredena Wooten, 8-Evelyn Smith, 9-Patrina Smith Clark, 10-Doris Barber, 11-Marian D. Walker

Let's work together as one, and ask Our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, to bring comfort, hope, and peace to our homes, churches, communities, schools, nation, and world -wide.

Praise the Lord!  It's 2015---another year of exciting worship, energetic work, and endless witnessing!

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. Malachi 3:10
                  Live Oak A.M.E. is the place to BE!!!

Worship where God’s people are lively, laborious, and liberated!



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Our Services & Events

Praise Service

Sunday/ 8:00 a.m.

Morning Worship

Sunday/ 9:15 a.m.

Church School

Sunday/ 10:30 a.m.

Prayer Meeting

Wednesday/ 6:00 PM

Bible Study

Wednesday/ 7:00 PM


1st Sunday/9:45 a.m.

Our Staff

The Right Reverend Preston W. Williams II

Presiding Prelate of the Sixth District •

Dr. Wilma D. Webb Williams

Episcopal Supervisor •

Rev. Millie Anne Smith Rambeau