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St Columba's (becoming Orthodox) Church

(cor. of Truck Inn Way & Mission Way), PO Box 1661 - 1320 Mission Way • Fernley, Nevada 89408 • United States • 775 835-6915 • Orthodox

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Saint Columba's as a traditional parish in transition to Western Rite Orthodoxy (ROCOR), and will soon be using the Western Rite English Liturgy in worship. If the reader is a Christian, living in northern Nevada, and wishes to join Saint Columba's in its journey to Western Rite Orthodoxy, your attendance and assistance is welcome.

Please remember to pray and work to stop the legal slaughter of unborn babies in this country. No nation can survive the murder of over 58,000,000 of its children.

Saint Columba's, a parish on a journey to the 300,000,000-member Orthodox Church.

In 1996 Saint Columba's parish bought a garage kit and assembled it as a church building; the interior includes reminders of the cloud of witnesses by which we are surrounded. An arsonist's work gutted the building in 2012, and the building has been repaired. The iconostasis (not shown) is now rebuilt. Parishoners are on a journey to Western Rite Orthodoxy (ROCOR) and are studying reading materials. Please visit our Facebook page: Saint Columba's Orthodox Church, Fernley, Nevada.

Saint Columba's is a block off the freeway just north of the I-80 Exit 48 in Fernley, Nevada. Saint Columba's affirms the faith catholic as it has been received in matters of the historic male priesthood, the sanctity of marriage between man and woman and the traditional title of God our Father as revealed by Jesus in his teaching and prayer. Saint Columba's supports those who adhere to unchanged Christian values. We did not make the rules; God did! We just let people know what the rules are. As a result, Saint Columba's thrives as a traditional expression of the Church.

Christianity is not an uninvolved philosophy but a down-to-earth way of life that has been passed on from father to son with the guidance of the Church for 2000 years.

This 'way of life' or ‘The Way’ is the first name given to what we know as ‘Christianity’. When Saul (who later became St Paul), some three years or so after the execution and resurrection of Jesus, got permission from the Jewish leaders to arrest and imprison followers of this Jesus, he went after ‘any belonging to the Way’. When he had become a Christian himself, he defended his new belief before the Roman Governor Felix, saying ‘according to the Way, which they call a sect, I worship the God of our fathers’.

‘The Way’ is a road on which some are already started. Others may have got well down the Way and then hit a road-block, something to get beyond. Others again may have friends you would like to introduce to the Way – but you don’t know how to go about it. Yet others may be looking around at the entrance to the Way, wondering if there’s anything there that gives real meaning to life.



‘The Way’ is a way to go: a way to live your life so that you find meaning, fulfilment, joy and peace. It’s a way to make sense of life, of people, of the world we live in, of who we are and where we are headed. The film-maker Federico Fellini described our grim situation in the modern age: ‘Men today seem to be in a rowing boat without oars in an ocean without shores’ – or to put it in a popular phrase: ‘We are up a creek, without a paddle’. But we of the Way say: ‘We know where to row; we have found some oars; and we are making towards the shore of our dreams’.

How can we possibly be so sure? We have a Teacher: the one person in human history whom we believe had the answers. In fact, he is on record as saying not just that he knew the way and had the answers, but that he was the Way, he was the answer. Jesus said to Thomas:

‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’.

The picture above is of Fr. Raymond Cullen during a recent Vespers Service.

We believe that Jesus Christ knows where and how we should go, that he is our inspiration on the journey, that he feeds, guides and directs us as we go, that he is the friend with whom we travel, and also the lover who awaits us at the end.

It’s a fair question to ask ‘How can you possibly believe such a thing?’ Our answer: Nothing will save you from the moment of choice when you have to decide what to believe, for neither we nor anyone else can offer cast-iron proofs. The whole of life requires faith: you cannot walk down the street without the faith that the people you meet are not out to harm you. You can’t be certain: but past experience, what the people you trust tell you, can make you feel reasonably sure you will be safe. So with the Way: there isn’t 100% proof but there are millions who have gone that Way safely and know it works – and there is also your own experience. It is possible to be reasonably sure. But you will never arrive at certainty unless you are prepared to ask questions. 

C.S. Lewis (author of the Narnia stories) once said that Christianity is caught by ‘good infection’– we get it from other people. That is why participation in the Liturgy here, the friends we make, our discussions, our coffee together, are important. We have a ‘good infection’ we want you to catch. And in the same way as you get courage to walk down the street because people you trust – your parents, friends, teachers – told you it was safe, so you get power to believe by trusting people whom you’ve learned to rely on.

The picture shows the edifice of St. Columba's building. which is literally on the edge of the desert.

In corporate worship the congregation is made up of participants. The service of worship is not unlike that mentioned by Luke in the Acts of Apostles. This ancient and liturgy (now in english) contains more Scripture in an hour than the average evangelical service presents in a year. The building: altar, vestments and furnishings proclaim the Lord in the beauty of holiness...our offering of our best to God, who transforms that offering into Himself; which He returns to us for our advancement.

Saint Columba's is a parish of Spirit and Service.

Members are reminded to be the hands and feet of our Lord on earth. We are members of the Body of Christ and must live our life for God through the men and women we meet, remembering that our works are alway of God, rathern than of ourselves. Although we expect that we can show simplicity in our Christian walk, we realize that laughter and happiness are gifts from God to be enjoyed as we share our faith. We teach that Christians are in the world but not of the world. We are not walled up in a holy cocoon but are here to love and serve God above all and foster the coming of his Kingdom, through prayer, involvement in the puplic square, works, evangelism, and through the political process too. Members of the parish contriute to the Living Faith Food Pantry, Fernley Crisis Pregnancy Center, Sierra Nevada Chrstian Music Association (KRNG Radio) and the Poor Childrens' Assistance Project. Until recently the parish operated its own private school: Fernley Christian School.

Our Rector's Blog


There is a serious war being waged in our communities. You will not hear bombs exploding down the block or tanks rolling down the street; but you can hear ONE of the enemy's premier weapons of choice by turning on your RADIO! More effective than missiles or bullets the enemy uses music camouflaged in 'cool' to penetrate hearts and minds. Just a few frequencies down the radio dial and you can hear lyrics like:

"Can we get kinky tonight?",
"I'm a B***H!",
"I wanna lick you up and down".

Imagine a 9, 10, or 13 year old girl calling a radio station and asking for these songs. It happens everyday!!!

It has been open season on the minds and souls of our children...until NOW! Renegade Radio is fighting back, and Saint Columba's parish is happy to lend its support to Renegade Radio's mission to youth. Renegade Radio does not fight with tanks or air assaults; but is armed with the Word, Love, Compassion, 50,000 stereo watts and the grace of GOD.

"The New Music Revolution" brings Christian Holy Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, and R&B artists -- all with their own unique styles. Renegade Radio offers a positive choice to kids - a choice that IS NOT GARBAGE. 101.3 Renegade Radio - The New Music Revolution is more than songs or entertainment: it's a way of life!

Renegade Radio is going against the norm...challenging the messages received from the mainline media and even friends. The choice is deciding to stand up and follow in the footsteps of the One who transcends 'cool'...JESUS CHRIST! Listen live to Renegade Radio 101.3.

Abortion Harms Mothers Too.

Did you know that a major pro-life web site is available to you with a list of more than 3,000 community pregnancy centers? Women can access the site to make contact with professionals for pregnancy tests, counseling, and medical referrals to protect the health of the mother AND the growing baby.

Abortion is fatal for the baby and harmful to the health of the mother.

Pregnant? Think you might be?

Locate a Pregnancy Center near you. There is a center in Reno, a center in Fernley and a center in Fallon. If you or someone you know is an unexpectedly expectant mother, the site provides a vital link to help for mother and baby.

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9:30 AM Sunday

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7 PM Wednesday

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10:00 AM Sunday

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9 AM February 5

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