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St Columba's Traditional Anglican Church

(cor. of Truck Inn Way & Mission Way), MAIL: 1364 Canal Drive • Fernley, Nevada 89408 • United States • 775 835-6915 • Anglican

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Saint Columba's as a traditional parish uses the 1928 Book of Common Prayer or Anglican Missal in worship. If the reader is an Anglican Christian, living in northern Nevada, and wishes to join Saint Columba's in its transition to communion with the Holy See, your attendance and assistance is welcome.

Please remember to pray and work to stop the legal slaughter of unborn babies in this country. No nation can survive the murder of over 54,000,000 of its children.

Saint Columba's, a parish in the Episcopal Missionary Church, is a part of the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas and a jurisdiction of the 500,000-member Anglican Continuum.

In 1996 Saint Columba's parish bought a garage kit and assembled it as a church building; the interior includes reminders of the cloud of witnesses by which we are surrounded. An arsonist's work gutted the building in 2012, and the building has been repaired.

Saint Columba's is a block off the freeway just north of the I-80 Exit 48 in Fernley, Nevada. Saint Columba's affirms the faith catholic as it has been received in matters of the historic male priesthood, the sanctity of marriage between man and woman and the traditional title of God our Father as revealed by Jesus in his teaching and prayer. There is an effort by some to silence Christians when speaking of the morality of people who wish election to governmental offices. Nonetheless, Saint Columba's supports those who adhere to unchanged Christian values. We did not make the rules; God did! We just let people know what the rules are. As a result, Saint Columba's thrives as a traditional expression of the Church in its Anglican-Catholic expression.

Christianity is an Historical Religion..

The above picture is a reminder that Christianity is not an uninvolved philosophy but a down-to-earth way of life that has been passed on from father to son with the guidance of the Church for 2000 years. Christianity did not evolve from western culture; but rather western civilization is a product of Christendom! The primary reason that Western Civilization is this planet's successful culture is the Church. History teaches that Christianity was brought as far west as Britain by St. Joseph of Arimathea about the year AD 37 (fewer than ten years after Jesus' death, Resurrection and Ascension); archeology shows that a Christian church building was built on the British isle prior to AD 100. We know that the Church on Britain sent bishops to a general church council in AD 314. One can conclude from historical evidence that the independent heritage of the British Church goes back more than 1,900 years.

The Church in England entered into communion with the bishop of Rome between AD 597 and AD 1215, but amidst the tumult of the Protestant Reformation on the European Continent, the Church of England again became self-governing in 1531.

The Church of England planted itself in North America in 1587, and became the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. Eleven presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and George Bush (#41) have been members. Even the form of the traditional American marriage ceremony comes from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. The prayer book's haunting lilt and the King James Bible are also products of Anglican scholarship. For centuries the Anglican Way stood on the three legs of 1) Scripture, 2) Reason, and 3) Tradition. However, in 1976 The Episcopal Church USA departed from Apostolic Tradition by unilaterally deciding that it was possible to "ordain" women as priests; in 1979 it published a prayer book that emasculated male-oriented language and deleted politically incorrect sections of Scripture from its daily readings; in 2003 it approved the election to the episcopacy of a man who said he was actively engaged in sodomite behavior. The Episcopal Missionary Church became an independent jurisdiction in the Anglican Continuum in 1991 to support efforts that continue the Anglican Way in the Americas as it had been prior to "modernization".

Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Missionary Church, William Millsaps

The Episcopal Missionary Church is Sacramental.

From the beginning Christianity has been a sacramental religion. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, ordained seven Sacraments for His people: Baptism, by which men are made living members of His body and are grafted into His new eternal life; and Holy Communion, through which we are sustained by His grace as we endeavor to be faithful soldiers and servants in this world. Five more Sacraments [Confirmation, Confession, Matrimony, Ordination and Extreme Unction], are received according to one's state and need.

The Episcopal Missionary Church worships God rather than Man.

In corporate worship the congregation is made up of participants. The service of worship is not unlike that mentioned by Luke in the Acts of Apostles. This ancient and liturgy contains more Scripture in an hour than the average evangelical service presents in a year. The building: altar, vestments and furnishings proclaim the Lord in the beauty of holiness...our offering of our best to God, who transforms that offering into Himself; which He returns to us for our advancement.

Saint Columba's is a parish of Spirit and Service.

Members are reminded to be the hands and feet of our Lord on earth. We are members of the Body of Christ and must live our life for God through the men and women we meet. Although we expect that we can show simplicity in our Christian walk, we realize that laughter and happiness are gifts from God to be enjoyed as we share our faith. We teach that Christians are in the world but not of the world. We are not walled up in a holy cocoon but are here to love and serve God above all and foster the coming of his Kingdom, through prayer, involvement in the puplic square, works, evangelism, and through the political process too.

Saint Columba's, as a parish in the Episcopal Missionary Church, is in full sacramental communion with many of the jurisdictions listed below:

American Anglican Church; American Independent Old Catholic Church; Anglican Church of Columbia; United Episcopal Church of North America; Anglican Church in America (ACA); Anglican Catholic Church of Canada; Anglican Province of America; Episcopal Orthodox Church; Murray Diocese in Australia; Province of Latin America; the Charismatic Episcopal Church, and the Traditional Anglican Communion.

If you are a member of a jurisdiction listed above, you are invited to join the fellowship that gave birth to and fosters unity in the Anglican Continuum:
The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen,

You may want to communicate with some of your friends through the link list below.

Franciscan Order of the Sacred Heart;
Society of King Charles, the Martyr
Our Rector's Blog


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Abortion Harms Mothers Too.

Did you know that a major pro-life web site is available to you with a list of more than 3,000 community pregnancy centers? Women can access the site to make contact with professionals for pregnancy tests, counseling, and medical referrals to protect the health of the mother AND the growing baby.

Abortion is fatal for the baby and harmful to the health of the mother.

Pregnant? Think you might be?

Locate a Pregnancy Center near you. There is a center in Reno, a center in Fernley and a center in Fallon.

If you or someone you know is an unexpectedly expectant mother, the site provides a vital link to help for mother and baby.


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