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St Columba's Orthodox Church

(cor. of Truck Inn Way & Mission Way), PO Box 1661 - 1320 Mission Way • Fernley, Nevada 89408 • United States • 775 835-6915 • Orthodox

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Saint Columba's as an Anglican parish in transition to Western Rite Orthodoxy (ROCOR), and will soon be using the Western Rite English Liturgy in worship. If the reader is a Christian, living in northern Nevada, and wishes to join Saint Columba's in its journey to Western Rite Orthodoxy, your attendance and assistance is welcome.

Saint Columba's, a parish on a journey to the 300,000,000-member Orthodox Church.

In 1996 Saint Columba's had constructed a garage kit and began using it as a church building; the interior includes reminders of the cloud of witnesses by which we are surrounded. An arsonist's work gutted the building in 2012, and the building has been repaired. The iconostasis (not shown) is now rebuilt. Parishoners are on a journey to Western Rite Orthodoxy (ROCOR) and are studying reading materials. Please visit our Facebook page: Saint Columba's Orthodox Church, Fernley, Nevada.

Saint Columba's is a block off the freeway just north of the I-80 Exit 48 in Fernley, Nevada. Saint Columba's affirms the faith catholic as it has been received in matters of the historic male priesthood, the sanctity of marriage between man and woman and the traditional title of God our Father as revealed by Jesus in his teaching and prayer. Saint Columba's supports those who adhere to unchanged Christian values. We did not make the rules; God did! We just let people know what the rules are. As a result, Saint Columba's thrives as a traditional expression of the Church.

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Christianity is not a subjective belief nor an uninvolved philosophy but a down-to-earth way of life that has been passed on from father to son with the guidance of the Church for 2000 years.

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever” (Heb. 13:8).
“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers” (Acts 2:42).

Beginning in June 2016 Saint Columba’s Orthodox Church will be a Western Rite parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). In full sacramental communion and visible unity with the 300 million-member Orthodox Church while preserving our Western liturgical and cultural heritage and patrimony. Our bishop is Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and Ruling Bishop of the Western Rite congregations and monasteries.

As a  traditional church, you won’t find anything new here. No new theology... no new trendy worship. What you will find is a warm, friendly and welcoming congregation committed to following Jesus Christ and to worshiping God in spirit and in truth.

Our church building is at 1320 Mission Way, just north of I-80 Exit 48 in Fernley, Nevada. The building is small, and there is plenty of parking.

If you have been concerned that the Orthodox Church may seem foreign to you, let me assure you that you will feel right at home at Saint Columba’s parish. We are a Western Rite parish in the English and Celtic tradition. We use Gregorian Liturgy during the Divine Office (Matins and Vespers) and sing the great hymns of the Church. Our priest wears traditional Western vestments, celebrates ad orientem (facing the altar), and communicants receive Holy Communion kneeling at the altar rail. We are Orthodox in Faith and Western in practice.

We celebrate the Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist (Commonly called Holy Mass or the Divine Liturgy) every Sunday at 10:00 AM, with fellowship and refreshments after worship. Sunday Matins (Morning Prayer) is at 9:30 AM.  Evening Prayer is Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Holy Day and week day Services are as announced.  We follow the liturgical calendar accepted by the Russian Orthodox Church.

You are invited to worship with us any time, and to join us for refreshments after the Sunday Liturgy. There are many opportunities for involvement at Saint Columba’s. Our parish contributes regularly to Living Faith Food Pantry, the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association (KRNG-FM Radio) and to other needy individuals.

We are a local parish with a national and global outreach. Our website is packed with information and a popular blog - (Orthodox Opinion). We also Facebook page.

Some members drive in from Reno, Fallon and Yerington. Why do they drive so far to go to church? Because they have found a church worth the drive! Saint Columba’s Orthodox Church is a faithful, friendly and active church with a place for you!

We hope you will not feel like a stranger at Saint Columba’s. If you are looking for a church home or visiting the Fernley area, I hope that you will worship with us.

The picture above is of Fr. Raymond Cullen during a recent Vespers Service.

The Holy Catholic Church; otherwise now known as the Orthodox Church, was united across all of the Roman Empire. From Byzantium in the east to Rome in the west and including Britain and France. The Church existed in a way that was united in doctrine and theology for over a thousand years after the day of Pentecost in AD 33.

The Liturgy, or “work of the people” had variations from east to west due to the cultural and societal makeup of the regions in which the Church existed. In the West, the Liturgy, like the Latin language, tended to be terse and Patristic, although slight differences were reflected in the Liturgies of Rome, Milan, Toledo, and Lyons. The differences came to be known as rites: Ambrosian, Roman, Mozarabic, and Gallican and were named after Saints Ambrose, Gregory, and Germanus. Further, within the Roman Rite there developed Uses of which Sarum is perhaps best known.


 The Christians of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium or Constantinople) for the most part celebrated the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great which, reflecting the Eastern culture continued to evolve. Each of these Liturgies contained the essential elements that were required to be canonically correct and united in theology, but differed in appearance, hymnody, and language. Much was borrowed between them in the early years less in the latter.


In AD 1054, what has become known as the Great Schism occurred, thus ending effective communication and cooperation between the Church in the east and the west. The Church in the west began to operate as its own distinct entity that was separate from the Christian Church in the east. It became known to the world as the Latin Church whereas the church in the east became known as the Eastern Orthodox Church.

It is noteworthy to remember that the Western Rites were almost a thousand years old when Christianity was introduced to the people of Kievan Rus, modern day Russia.

The Western-Rite of the Orthodox Church is a concerted effort by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia among others to pastorally respond to the numerous requests of Western Christians to re-establish the Western Church as it existed prior to the Great Schism. It is an outreach to peoples who have grown up in countries that have been populated by Protestant and Roman Catholic communities to offer the fullness of the Faith as it existed prior to the schism. Many people in America and other countries who would not normally come into the Orthodox Church due to the uniqueness of the worship style of the Eastern liturgies, or the ethnic cultures, may find something comfortably familiar in the Western-Rite liturgies, while retaining the unity in sound doctrine and theology of the Orthodox Church.

The picture shows the edifice of St. Columba's building. which is literally on the edge of the desert.

In early 2016 the Western Rite of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia formally adopted the ancient liturgy of Gregory the Great, the Pope in Rome who sent Augustine of Canterbury to Great Britain. The Liturgy used is an English translation and almost identical to an English version of the Roman Mass prior to Vatican II. Familiar smells, bells and worship abounds. Come and see!

Saint Columba's is a parish of Spirit and Service.

Members are reminded to be the hands and feet of our Lord on earth. We are members of the Body of Christ and must live our life for God through the men and women we meet, remembering that our works are alway of God, rathern than of ourselves. Although we expect that we can show simplicity in our Christian walk, we realize that laughter and happiness are gifts from God to be enjoyed as we share our faith. We teach that Christians are in the world but not of the world. We are not walled up in a holy cocoon but are here to love and serve God above all and foster the coming of his Kingdom, through prayer, involvement in the puplic square, works, evangelism, and through the political process too. Members of the parish contriute to the Living Faith Food Pantry, Fernley Crisis Pregnancy Center, Sierra Nevada Chrstian Music Association (KRNG Radio) and the Poor Childrens' Assistance Project. Until recently the parish operated its own private school: Fernley Christian School.

Our Rector's Blog


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Imagine a 9, 10, or 13 year old girl calling a radio station and asking for these songs. It happens everyday!!!

It has been open season on the minds and souls of our children...until NOW! Renegade Radio is fighting back, and Saint Columba's parish is happy to lend its support to Renegade Radio's mission to youth. Renegade Radio does not fight with tanks or air assaults; but is armed with the Word, Love, Compassion, 50,000 stereo watts and the grace of GOD.

"The New Music Revolution" brings Christian Holy Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, and R&B artists -- all with their own unique styles. Renegade Radio offers a positive choice to kids - a choice that IS NOT GARBAGE. 101.3 Renegade Radio - The New Music Revolution is more than songs or entertainment: it's a way of life!

Renegade Radio is going against the norm...challenging the messages received from the mainline media and even friends. The choice is deciding to stand up and follow in the footsteps of the One who transcends 'cool'...JESUS CHRIST! Listen live to Renegade Radio 101.3.

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Did you know that a major pro-life web site is available to you with a list of more than 3,000 community pregnancy centers? Women can access the site to make contact with professionals for pregnancy tests, counseling, and medical referrals to protect the health of the mother AND the growing baby.

Abortion is fatal for the baby and harmful to the health of the mother.

Pregnant? Think you might be?

Locate a Pregnancy Center near you. There is a center in Reno, a center in Fernley and a center in Fallon. If you or someone you know is an unexpectedly expectant mother, the site provides a vital link to help for mother and baby.

Please remember to pray and work to stop the legal slaughter of unborn babies in this country. No nation can survive the murder of over 58,000,000 of its children.

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