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Holy Orthodox Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis

Ss. Fanourios and Gerasimos Cathedral44-02 48th Ave. • Woodside, NY 11377-6344 • USA • 718/786-4495 • Orthodox

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Who are We? Where is Vasiloupolis?

We are an independent Orthodox Church,observant of the canons and Tradition of Holy Orthodoxy. Our Archdiocesan offices are located in Queens, NY. Vasiloupolis means "Royal City" in Greek! Our services are held in many languages, depending on the congregation, but all our clerics speak English. Our newer parishes are all English-speaking. Our Primate, METROPOLITAN +PANGRATIOS, has a vision for the future of Orthodoxy in America, and is a missionary minded-hierarch. We are affectionaely known as the "M&M" diocese, which stands for 'missions and monasteries'!! We have parishes in many of the fifty states, and abroad.We are respectful of old-calendarist ideas, we have some new calendar parishes also.

Our Work in America

For those unfamiliar, Orthodoxy is the Church of Jesus Christ, which alone has held fast to the Gospel and the Traditions of the Apostles.[2 Thess.2:15] Our priests and Deacons can marry, and we hold the Bible as the True and life-giving Word of God. We encourage monastic vocation, and have monasteries (like St Herman's in Platina, CA) and sketes where men and women called to celibacy can fulfill the Lord's call. Our Bishops are celibate monks. All within the bosom of Holy Orthodoxy. We are preparing a new list of parishes. Please contact our Diocesan office for more information. Glory to God!

Our Services & Events


9:30 am/ Sunday

Divine Liturgy

10:30 am/ Sunday

Paraclesis - Supp. Canon

7:00 pm/ Friday

Call for other services

Our Staff

Pangratios Vrionis

His Eminence Metropolitan •

Map & Directions

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