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February 2005 Newsletter Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings and blessings from the Aureli's in Italy. By the grace of God we are all well. Apart from a cold here and there, we are doing well and going ahead in the ministry. Right now we have our dargther (Joy) and our grand-son (Alessio) with us for a few days, and we are really enjoyng them. The weather is still very cold. We have snow on both mountains east and west of us and although we just had a couple of dustings, yet the temperature is below zero Celsius most of the time. For a change, I am feeling all the cold because I had the good idea to start a very strict diet in order to lower the level of my blood sugar, the colesterol, the blood pressure and all the other values you can think of! :-) The doctor told me that I was a very strong candidate for an hictus or a heart attack! So, I decited that it was time to get serious about it and the dietologist prepared a diet of 2000 calories for me, which by the grace of God I am keeping,!!! So far, since January 10th, I lost 26 LB and all my values went down drastically!!! Praise God!!! I still want to lose at least another 40 LB, but it will have to be done gradually. I am feeling much better. I am walking between four and five miles every day (apart from Sunday), but I am also feeling all the cold I haven't felt in my past 60 years!!! My hands are freezig, and for a change I am not prespiring in church anymore!!! Very soon I will send you a photo and you will notice the difference. The tent ministry moved to the city of Sora (some 20 miles east from us) and we are still visiting from time to time. Teams are also visiting our churches every Sunday, and they usually give a testimony, or if it's one of the ministers they will deliver the message of the Word to us. We are grateful to God for them, because they are not only spreading the gospel around, but have also been a tool in the hands of God to help all the pastors in the province get together and cooperate for this tent ministry. Our Frosinone church has been blessed with five new people. One of my cousins with his wife and two children, who decited to join our church. Father and son play both the clarinets, so they are a great blessing to our music ministry! We also have a romanian (Ciprian) a 20 years old boy who came by surprise to Italy and got in touch with us through an american horphanage ministry in Romania. We are trying to help him, but unless he finds someone who wants to enploy him and go through a lot of legal papers, he may have to go back to Romania. He has his parents and six brothers and sisters, and only one sister in his family is working. Also, his mother and one of his little sisters are very sick! Please pray for him and for his family. Our Atina church is also being blessed by the salvation of my father and mother in-law and, and also by the presence of another romanian young man who has been in Italy for a few months. The young people are growing ad they are getting ready for our Spring-Summer evangelistic work. We are also happy to tell you that our home Bible study in our in-laws is going well. We are having between five and ten attendees every Friday. They are not very steady yet because they knew nothing at all about the Gospel and the only things they knew was some Catholic tradition teachings! Also, the cold weather is keeping people inside their homes at night. Please pray for these new people that the Lord will get through their hearts and they can grasp the importance, not only to receive Jesus in their hearts but to persevere in the Word as well. One very important thing to share with you it's the fact that we are faced with the decision to either buy the church hall where we are in Frosinone, or move out because the owner wants to sell, but no one will buy if the place is rented! Unfortunately, the city of Frosinone is not yet giving us the land, so we need to do something at this time. These are the two backsides of the church hall We had a board meeting and we have decited that we want to buy, but we need to put at least 25% of down payment, on a total amount of 80,000.00 (including notary expenses), which is about US$ 104,000.00, we need to give a down payment of about $ 26,000.00. So, we wanted to ask everyone of you to pray for this situation and see if the Lord would lead you to participate and help us reach this amount. We will then pay the mortgage even if it will be higher than the rent we are paying now, but it would be much more if we had to move because we would never find another hall at this price. We wanted to make this appeal to every church and individual who knows us and our ministry, and ask you to plant a seed in this land. Many of you are already doing it by supporting our missionary ministry, but I am sure that if every Pastor would explain to his church the importance of this ministry, every member would want to participate and help us reach the needed amount and even more, which without a doubt would be needed! My suggestion would be that if every individual would participate with $ 100.00 or more, and every church would participate with $ 1,000.00 or more, we would easily cover that amount. Of course, this is only a suggestion, but we don't want to deprive anyone of a blessing to participate whichever the amount might be, so every donation is welcome and very much appreciated! These are the two frontsides of the church hall We were thinking to have the names of every individual and of every church donating, imprinted on a plate (like bricks), which would be placed in the church. If you wanted to, we could also have the amount of your donation imprinted next to your name. In our evangelical culture in Italy we are not used to it, but We know that in the U.S. many like to make donations for a worthy cause, in the ...memory of a loved one. If that is your desire, we can write on the plate memory of ...your loved ones! One of the best wording would be "in memory of what Jesus has done for me", or "for me and my family"! This is the outside of the church And finally our beloved, we need to remind you that unfortunately, the EURO is still over $1.30, and we are still struggling to get by at the end of the month! Due to financial difficulties in the States, we lost a $ 50.00 supporting church in Vermont, which we pray it will only be a temporary loss, but by the grace of God a church in Illinois decited to raise their support by $ 100.00! Praise God!!! At this point, our personal support is just about $1,000.00 per month, and life in Italy is much higher than what it is in the USA, so you can imagine what we are going through!!! In order to cover all our personal expenses we would need to raise at least another $ 1,000.00 of monthly support, so you can see that we need your prayers and you sacrificial support. We can't close this letter without thanking everyone of you for your prayers and for your financial support. This is not the usual phrase but it comes from our hearts! Although we know that everything comes from our Heavenly Father


If the Lord is leading you to support Operation Italy with your finances, please click on the PayPal logo and then follow the instructions. Please contact us via E-mail: By Telephone: (Home) 011-39-0775/20 15 37 (Cell.) 011-39-338-190-3761 Or by writing to the following address: Operation Italy Christian Mission, Inc. Casella Postale Succ. 2 03100 Frosinone Italy OTHER RELATED PAGES: Operation Italy Christian Mission, Inc. The "Great Deceit" Of Purgatory! Operation Italy Photo Gallery Thus saith The Lord! Will You Help Us? Are You Saved? Our Churches Newsletter ITALIAN PAGES Dove Trascorrerete L'Eternit? La Grande Domanda Cos Dice Il Signore! Le Nostre Chiese Sei Tu Salvato? L'invenzione Del Purgatorio I Dieci Comandamenti Cari Testimoni copyright 2000, Operation Italy, all rights reserved


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