Welcome to New Life Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

100 Club Way (Seaford, VA)
P. O. Box 2459
Newport News, VA 23609

Staff / Leaders

Pastor Welborn Preston
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Minister of Outreach Patrick Leverette
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Minister of Music LeRoy Boyd, Jr.
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Church Secretary Vernonda Baker
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Recording Steward Aretha V. Preston
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Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning Worship 8:30 a.m./Sunday
Sunday School 10:00 a.m./Sunday
Bible Study 7:00 p.m./Wednesday
Tutorial Program 6:30 p.m./Tuesday
Fatherhood Ministry 7:00/Friday
Youth Alive (CYF) 4:00/Saturday


To some people the idea of going to church may not be very exciting. At New Life, however, we think going to church should be different - something both adults and children look forward to. How are we differnt? First of all, we've made church fun and exciting for everyone. Secondly, we've made it relevant to issues and problems people face today. We've also made it practical in its application - something that will assist you in your daily life. And finally, we try to make sure that church is a truly meaningful experience for you - a valuable and worthwhile use of your time. Hopefully you will be able to take away something positive each time you're with us.
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This ministry is designed to help bring about a spiritual reformation through expository teaching, preaching and the application of God's Word by means of the local church. Our goal is a spirit filled ministry that does not offer rote answers to complex questions, but is designed for the thinking person with serious questions and for a family-centered congregation prepared to strengthen family life. We firmly belive that changing the direction of America's cities must occur through the ministry of churches within local communities.
Through a vital teaching and preaching ministry, we can provide Biblical answers to the crucial issues facing America in general and the Black community in particular. It is our goal to help facilitate reconciliation and cooperation with the broader Christian community to further demonstrate the people of God as His alternative in the community.

New Life Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is associated with: Christian Methodist Episcopal
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