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I have a vision to reach unreach people to possessing this based on the conviction that God’s call to mission rest believer in (Act 1.8) as that it is the responsibility of my divine call for worldwide children/youth worldwide. Because success of Youths academically, socially & spiritually is one of my greatest concerns. Youth counseling & other programme such as disciple marking; camps fellowship, camping; youth Sunday school, drama provide relevant intensive relationship to the academic social, spiritual & psychological needs all students. Also for children protection and caring for the needing and Refuge Zones Campus worldwide that the world as needed lost their family and to let them discovered their destiny in God and there to make a different in their generation. My ultimate goal was to fulfill the plan of God fro my life because urgent is our task million have died without Christ before the Son of God the second time. WORKING EXPERIENCE WITH DATE AS a professional Teacher, Youth pastor, director youth & Christian Education , I have many years work experiences cultural ministry unique challenges, teaching, counseling , Christian Student Action , helping to fulfill the Great Commission on the camps, Campuses ministries in Nigeria & out side Nigeria & also presenting the Gospel , developing , Leadership, with people that most essential parts for world mission tasks. Approach : Win students by taking the initiative in evangelism, being creative and staying at it for long haul . Build them in there new found faith by discipline them in groups where the emphasis is on actively sharing their faith. Send them out in evangelism as a way of life, and teaching them to disciple others I have been supervised were I work last we have staffed teams in many cities, we also connected to many other campuses programmed through the leader training programmer in many churches, campuses &many cities we are on track for developing leader training campuses for the sake of the 1.2 million university students the majority of which have not hear a clear and credible presentation of the Gospel we need approximately 40 New staff AII of them will work in teams, but some will need taking position s of the leadership these jobs has been employed before left this organisation . I want learn new things from time to time and were the spirit of lead me too. I the person vision for youth , teens & to reach for Christ willing to develop my gifts & full potential in team situations I committed to development work with you with my unique talents &gifts development work with you with my unique talents & gifts accomplish what GOD has given me to do . Youth vision we embark on youth and adult in campus, camps, joints, cities and ministering to other African countries our passion & commitment ITERNATIONAL TEAM YOUTH MISSION WESTAFRICAN MISSION jan,2nd 19 94 -2000 TEMPLE STREET LAGOS POSTION HELD ; full time childern \youth Director RESPOSBILITIES; youth position will oversee active junior and senior high groups with 30 60 youth in each. This also requires establishing core groups and Bible studies along with coordination for Sunday School classes. It will also be necessary to help organize occasional youth outings, weekend retreats, and even short-term mission trips. And, yes, there will be fundraisers from time to time, PRESENT Bible truthcreative parctically, and equipping stdents to grow intheir ,relationshing with christconnecting them first to GOD and local church. CO-ORDNTOR fortraining programs eg discipling tring, crossroad, foundation incommunty multi tract traing programs, with other volunteers youth aduilt inthe church together organce Delivrance programs for those need it in the church on salvation, healing, prosperty, financal, marital , business, break through and also control logistics and tranport dept. wecare vision mission int, 2000 - 2003 African zone bariga lagos posting asst mangement support coordtor for the needly childern, youth refuges and their famaies, logics and transportion control minister to the need youth spiritual and materals need and reach un reach for christ. I HAVE MANY RELEVANT WORKING SKILL EPERIENCE AND ABILITIES AS VOUNTARY ON HUMAM RESOURES, AND PERSIONL MANGEMENT. REHABILITATION: of Drug Addicts: We send Article on this to your magazine if you want will need a care people or organisation help those lost hope. The extent of drug addiction goes currently with the society are the worst hit class, sex & age group the challenges we face. He make identify the problem with Nigeria –people who are ordinary in a position to help the less privilege only concern themselves with making money that truth, must of our wealthy business measure no invoolved in philanthropic gesture expect when they want to make money from it or make a public show nobody care about any other person but his own pocket our experience in the last few month also show that 14-50 years both last few month also show that 14-50 years both ladies boys students come in which their parents still think they are in schools way became drug addicts. Why some able completing schools after higher education with better jobs. Agriculture Development Oyo Integrated Post Duties: Villages Extension Farm Teaching Farmers to adapt new Agric Technology, Advising Farms to farmers comparative societies, reporting farmers problem to Agriculture Research Intitation. Independence Baptist Mission Church Held Duties: Pioneer Pastor To take overfrom missionaries when church have been successfully planted & take responsibility for all church expansion & multiplication activities thereafter to & one of executive member foreign mission. Jan 1993 to 1997 Vision of City Intl’s: Duties: Ministries to African Countries:- Youth Director programme children Evangelism, teaching, discipleship process among "unreached people Groups" Campus fellowship, camping. Youth Mission where we have very few indigenous Bible Beliving Churches in a tribe or nations. We Care Mission Int’l: Distributor Manager: Food & non Food distribution for the children needy, Refuges campus, orphans – supports shelters & Widows-supports. 1997 – 1999. BACKYARDMISSION INTERNATIOAL MISSION OUTREACH UMS TX 79428 email misionoutreachintl@yahoo.com CROSS CULTUAL MISSION AND EVANGELISM PROJECTS TO INDIA AND OTHERAFRICANCUNTRIES 5YEAR WORK EXPRENCES TILL TODAY 2ND FEB, 2005 POSTION YOUTH DIRECTOR. PROJECTS MISSION DIRECTOR WORKINGWITH BORDOF DIRCTORS EXECTIVE DIRCTOR TO WORKTOGETHER IN YOUTH MISSION AND EVANGELISM PROJECTS AND because we have work experiences as cross cultural mission and evangelism projects works in many places travels to the world to reach un reach people world wide mostly YOUTH, AND ADULT PEOPLE my targets to wining 5million of people of people world wide before 2007 of lost souls through mass crusade, campaigns, youth ministries mission events, in the churches, in the schools, outreaches, in the university, college camps crusades, childrenoutrach\teen missions and special events FOR MISSION PROJECTS DIRECTORWORK FOR 2YEARS children care\teen and we orphanages mission that care for the needing WE HAVE various projects we work lastly OUR BACKYARD MISSION INTERNATIOAN TEAM THAT BE THEIR PROJECT DIRECTOR IN OTHERAFRICANCUNTRIES SUCH AS KENYA, GHANA, INDIA, NIGERIA...JUST TO MENTION A FEW. THE PURPOSE IS TO IMPROVE HOUSING FOR PEOPLE IN NEEDY AND OLD PEOPLE CARE, HOUSE REPAIR. PROVIDING FREE HOUSE REPAIRS, ROOFING, PAINTING, CLEARING UP, USING DONATION AND FUNDS AND VOLUNTEER LABOUR. Nigeria Army Cantonment: Youth Coordinator programme children evangelism, teaching, discipleship process among "unreached people Groups" Campus fellowship, camping. Youth Mission where we have very few indigenous Bible Beliving Churches in a tribe or nations. 2001 – 2002 asvolunteer innigeria and outside ngeria Ola Egbon Motor Duties: Sale – Representative to source for reputable customer; to access & evaluate credit worth of customer & to enlighten customer creed facilities.


NATIONAL OUTREACH We have 3 months to six months training programme. Any person that wants to join our outreach must have been to any bible college before. Our main objective is to challenge participants to get involved in mission outreach nation wide. We have these groups Mission outreach Ministry to drug addicts Worship team in my church Dynamic prayer inters We to jion the vision of the world to readuce AIDSAND HIS IN SCHOOLS, CAMPUS ETC The Aim will be to create awareness of the Aids pandemic and challenge those they meet to get involved. Partnering plan that our travelling team will also help identify existing team will also help identify existing ministries who are already involved with HIV/AIDS in order for us to partner with. We are in the process of pattering with like minded ministries where more of our team can be involved in counselling and serving the patients that receive ARU’s every month. Despite concerted effort to reduce the incidence of the dreaded HIV/AIDS pandemic in many states of Nigeria we do our best to be part of the response fight against HIV/AIDS we must take worship place to the place of work or both local government and federal government now issues must take action now in other to reduce problem now. Mobilization and training HIV/AIDS recalling team going to different schools, campus, churches and communities. Our vision joint would wide vision of hope of city for HIV/AIDS. The aim will be create awareness of the AIDS pandemic and challenge those they meet to get involved worldwide. Mission outreach international God use to reach out to teenagers and youth nationals and international level. It is generally acknowledged that the adolescent period of life is the state of character and personality formation. A sure way to raise a godly generation is to build their character and personality around Christ the solid rock during their adolescent years. Where our parents and even the church are "too busy" and ignorant to do this, and the devil is always pleased to lead a hand. Our teens are lender more pressure than even to get involved with drugs, pre marital sex, alcohol, the occult, false religious and the like thank God for establishing youth mission outreach international. In line with 1 Tim 4:12 "let no one despise youth but be an example to the believers. Mission Outreach International is an interdenominational, non-sectarian charitable Christian organisation. It was started as a Result of a Burden for Teenagers and youth by pastor Samuel Bola J. we financed through offerings, tithes donations and gifts from individual churches and organisation and self help projects. Our vision to join international teenage and youth organisation network together, if the vacancy or opportunities to work together as cross cultural mission and evangelism project work in their short term outreach mission to come apply what learn from our global challenge short term outreach apply to at our national outreach level. We also organise Christian Teachers Summit Nationwide for Christian Teachers, Workshop Seminars themes message "strange children" wild future. OUR VISION - To reach children teenagers and youth for Christ worldwide as well as discipline them for the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in building today’s teenagers towards becoming Christ countertrend and fulfilled a duty of tomorrow. OUR CONVICTION -Our conviction is that through a flexible and dynamic fellowship, outreach mission, deltoid at denominational traditions such as the teenager’s club outreach into their school house fellowship we can equip today’s teenagers and youth to overcome all sorts of negative pressure present in our society, schools, communities and campus today enabling them to be exemplary Christian. Programmes we are fulfilling this vision through four major strategies: Outreach Discipline Mountain dynamic prayer Training INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERS: Thank God for lives of ministries of God and international mission organisation that invited to work with them. As volunteers do cross cultural work all seem to experience massive emotional and spiritual grow in some time we have decided to change our degree/career based on our experience why others team feel a stronger calling to that career choice. All see mission and life with a different worldwide after our short time service. We really are having such an amazing experience so much so that by articulation of our feels inadequate people simply need to experience those ourselves. Global challenge outreach mission We had participation in outreach programme school children from world cup at Germany 2006 world cup. We join Germany church to reach out million people come from different Nation. The lover of football, fans club and professional football. It greet experiences and opportunity to join global challenge department bring this same message of life and hope to people from other parts of the world. From September 11 - 17 Tribal Mission Foundational (TMF) 2006 World Christian gathering on indigenous people at David city Philippines 30 - 60 Nations. We presented training and workshops on HIV/AIDs cross pollination of cultures. We partner with many international mission organisation e.g. Wycliffe organisation as part of bibles people prayer project (BPPP) our prayers on behalf of bible translation are make a difference. Ecumenical advocacy alliance teaching resources training on HIV/AIDS project we participate in their training and prayer project both local churches and at international level. We have dynamic intercessory prayer team 24 hrs everyday to change life, and solve many problems we have been receive many letters from many nations has we pray for them the God that answering by fire a lot of creative testimony do you discover your self? Are you do the right thing that God creative to do are you death to flesh, are you crucify yourself are you total surrender your life for Christ. I want to think deeply on this and any area that you are need to change we pray that God will change your life. I pray that the power to do the will of God will fall upon us and I will expecting your reply by next name. One of the travel team leader for the national games sports festivals and cross cultural sport ministers / outreach international I’m the one that leading Artist performances and sport link outreach to the world cup FIFA 2006 at Germany to support the germy Churches to reach professional players and to crowds who watched football matches played in the spirit of good will they had every before to reach million of youth people from different nations that come from the world cup. We want to join your sport link team outreach ministers for the remaining of 2006/2007 sports link outreach project in your country and worldwide to line more from your experienced and to build relationship together in sport outreach link minister and to build upon many contacts mission outreach worldwide Join the Prayer NetworK international TO RENDERSERVICES ENGINEERED BY HAND WORK, SEIL, DETERMAINTION AND PASSION FOR EXCENLLENCE TOEDUCATE PEOPLE MOSTLY YOUTH AND CHILDERN FOR FULNESSOF LIFE . TO GIVE PEOPLE A SENCE OF PURPOSE IN LIFE TO HELP YOUTH IN TOREPOSSIBLE ADULTHOOD TO A DDING VALUE TO EVERYERE THAT COME MY WAY USING MY SKILLS AND PROFESSIOION SA YARD STCK FOR THE BETTER OF BY REACHING OUT TO THE UNREACH PEOPLE WORLD WIDE MOSTLY ESPECALLYOUTH

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